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Tommy Defendi Solo

All alone, Tommy Defendi takes a swig from his canteen before pleasuring himself. And what heavy artillery he’s packing. Stroke after stroke is mesmerizing to watch for loves of big cock. Soon he’s pissing all over his t-shirt, dousing himself in his own wet warmth. The best view is from below, Tommy stands over us and unleashes another of his generous streams right onto the lens. It makes you wonder just how much piss a man has in him!

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Josh West and RJ Danvers

Josh West is soaping up and teammate RJ Danvers is watching him – but it’s not long before the two are soon on the floor of the shower room. Josh has one of the biggest beer can cocks and RJ can stick just about anything in his big hairy, jockstrapped ass. Soon the two are making some passionate love up and down the tiles of the shower, with RJ taking Josh in every hole, and in every position with ease and gusto. West squeezes his beater out all over RJ’s back.

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Dog Fight – Caber

We love the way Dirk Caber get’s into his puppy play. We weren’t sure whether to call him a mischievous pup or a pig in a trough but either way Caber delivers in this solo video. Caber in his puppy hood, knocks around his ball, lifts his leg, pisses in his doggie bowl and sits on his puppy tail teasing his hungry hole like a dirty dog. Caber loves every second and strokes his cock continuously throughout till he takes off his hood and gets on all fours to really show us how much he loves to play with his piss filled doggie bowl. Caber finally just dumps what’s left in his bowl all over himself till he’s soaked in piss getting him so worked up he furiously strokes his cock and works his puppy tail till he pulls it out of his gaping hole and shoots a monster load over himself.

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Dog Fight – Forte

Fetish Force regular Leo Forte returns to give us a hot solo and we had to chain this dog to his cage. He doesn’t seem to mind and makes use of his solitary confinement by working his foreskin, pissing on himself and working his hole with a dog paw dildo. Leo’s now infamous spit producing abilities return as he uses it as lube for his ass and cock. Nobody does it like Leo.

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Ricky Sinz and Rocco Giovanni

Big, bad, tatted, motherfucking Ricky Sinz and slim rocker-boy newcomer Rocco Giovanni star in this fuck and suck video on a trashy red leather couch. Buckets of ink and sweat flow as Ricky tears into Rocco’s sweet young ass, fucking the little bitch every which way. Ricky seems right in his element here. It’s all dick-in-hole action, and if there’s anyone that can fuck hard, it’s our man Ricky.

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Wet Dogs

In yet another exciting pairing from, super sexy Race Cooper and the studly Wilfried Knight battle it out for Alpha dog. Cooper proves he’s nobody’s bitch by aggressively getting Knight all worked up with some intense cock and ass worship leaving his ass gaping and the perfect target for his piss. Knight submits even more by sticking his ass in the air so Cooper can plow it hard and deep. It gets even hotter as Cooper puts Knight on his back and rides his cock in full Alpha mode working a hot load onto Knight’s hairy chest. Knight immediately shoots his load over himself leaving him drenched in both “dogs” cum.

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