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Jon Matthews

A hard game can make a guy horny. Jon Matthews is a manly stud with a horse-hung cock and an attitude. He steps into the lockerroom and slowly undresses from his sports gear, knowing that you are watching and giving a good show. This cocky stud beats his jock-piece and shoots a herculean jizz spray across the bench and into his jock before retiring into the showers.

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Samuel Colt

San Francisco muscle stud Samuel Colt will enchant you with that hairy chest and a winning smile. But let’s not forget Samuel also fucks himself with steel rods. He’s also got a bunch of silicon sounds in this video. The greatest moment of his act is when he takes a 16 inch long silicon sound and shoves the whole thing up his cock. It’s as long as a catheter and goes all the way, deep inside. Watch as he has the orgasm of his life!

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Forte’s Flogging and Morning Fuck

In what may be considered one of the most intense BDSM flogging scenes ever captured, this electrifying and emotionally charged scene will leave you breathless. Tony Buff puts Leo Forte to one last test before deciding to keep him for himself. Buff’s Alpha is in high gear and he seems almost possessed with animalistic pleasure as he flogs Forte. With a second camera on Forte’s face we are invited to feel and experience every demon exorcised from Forte’s mind and body as Buff orchestrates this scene like a composer. Forte traverses from gasps and tears to screams and sobs, collapses under the beating and regains his footing open Buff’s command. Forte takes everything Buff gives until he completely breaks under Buff’s final caress and collapses one last time in a pool of sweat and tears.

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Pig Returns to the Hole

Romero shows no mercy as he throat fucks Wood while spitting in his face, face slaps and smacks the Pig’s torso. Rawlins watches and strokes his cock in growing excitement as the Pig’s treatment becomes more brutal. Romero instructs Woods to piss all over himself then roughly smacks the Pig’s wet chest and shoves his piss soaked hand down Woods throat. Romero unleashes another torrent of piss on the piss Pig. Wood continues deep throating Romero until he’s ready to cum. Romero shoots his load over the Pig’s chest then grabs the ginger’s Mohawk, pulling it until Wood cums. Romero locks the Pig back into the hole and exits. Rawlins still beating off in his cell, blows his load and eats every drop cum as Romero reports to Tony Buff that the Pig’s training is progressing well.

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Damien Crosse and Kenedy Carter

Damien leans back against the tree, and pulls out his thick uncut cock. Pointing it straight up towards the sky, he starts pissing on himself, soaking his work pants and torso. Kennedy bends down and takes the arcing stream of piss into his mouth, submerging his tongue in the hot liquid.

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Rawlins Fisting Session

Rawlins’ fisting session is already in progress with Cooper’s arm up Rawlins’ ass to the elbow. With Rawlins’ legs up on a gurney, Cooper continues to work open and fist Rawlins. Cooper slowly work Rawlins’ hole with both hands then begins to punch fuck the now moaning Rawlins until his hole is gapping. The fisting continues and Rawlins presents his rose bud to Cooper, who fingers and fondles the fully bloomed hole before going back to the deep punch fucking.
Cooper then has Rawlins stand and bend over the gurney for some power fucking, frequently pausing to have the fisting bottom show his rose bud which Cooper puts his throbbing cock into. Cooper then flips Rawlins up on the gurney and continues to fuck him until Cooper blows two loads over Rawlins’ cock and torso before sending the bottom back to his cage.

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