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Nick Piston & Aitor Crash

Nick Piston teams with Spanish stud Aitor Crash in this video. The two meet in a dive bar but don’t speak each other’s language. So they fuck. Aitor plows Nick’s throat without mercy. Then he bends Nick over and mangles his pretty white ass crack. Aitor opens his big Latin-stud ass and Nick’s fat cock splits him open but good!

Click here for Nick Piston & Aitor Crash

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Luke Davies & Brendan Davies

Real life boyfriends Brendan Davies and Luke Davies try out sounding for the first time in this kinky video. The bodybuilders worship each other’s physiques and shove thick, massive rods down their cocks in a display of mutual enjoyment that will leave you exhausted.

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Logan McCree and Scott Tanner

Scott and Logan just love playing ball, but it’s not long befor Scott jumps his buddy’s ass, and they start to wrestle each other onto the floor. They pull each other’s football gear off and begin to play each other. First Scott eats Logan’s amazing tattooed asshole inside out. They flip and Logan’s face is as stunning as Tanner’s big man ass.
Tanner puts McCree up on a platform and fucks the hell out of him, with gorgeous close ups of the brim of his pucker pulling in and out.

Click here for Logan McCree and Scott Tanner

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Manuel DeBoxer, Scott Tanner & Damien Rios

Scott Tanner and Damian Rios are making out in the woods while Manuel DeBoxer looks on. Damian goes down to taste Scott’s tool before Manuel joins in going down on both men. As he goes down they strip off and then the piss play begins. Damian opens wide for a mouthful of piss from Manuel and Scott. Manuel takes a turn on his knees sucking and swallowing piss from both men. The action builds and builds until the three men are fucking each other with piss all over them.

Click here for Manuel DeBoxer, Scott Tanner & Damien Rios

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