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Jesse Santana and Tony Buff

Are you ready for the most full-on fetish collaboration of the year? Don’t miss Jesse Santana and Tony Buff in this extreme sounding one-on-one. Not only is there traditional sounding – if you could call the practice at all traditional – but you’ll also see a sound slide through a cock and out a piercing. It’s infinitely wicked.

Click here for Jesse Santana and Tony Buff

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Francois Sagat (Solo)

From his muscular body to his tattooed forehead, Francois has a look that inspires both interest and hard-ons. In this video, he pisses all over himself on a roof. He undresses first, revealing the expanse of his bulging biceps and the ripple of his abs. When the piss begins, it spurts out in long streams reaching all the way to Francois’ anxious open mouth. He drinks it, spits it and lets it run down his body. Francois goes for a few rounds, lying on his back so the piss forms puddles in the crevices of his chest. When he’s covered in piss and all worked up he releases a jet of cum that covers his abs and drips down toward his asshole.

Click here for Francois Sagat (Solo)

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Vic Rocco

Ever wanted to see a teammate strip and jerk off in a special show just for you? Vic Rocco fulfills the fantasy in this solo masturbation video. Slowly shedding his sportswear, he gets down to just his jocks and socks so you can see all those muscles flex as he irons one out.

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Aitor Crash and Damian Rios

Aitor Crash and Damian Rios are in a dugout waiting for their next play. But the sport turns out to be with each other. Aitor finds convenient access to Damian’s ass through a zipper in the back of his pants. Aitor chows down, eating his ass real good before beating on it with a baseball bat. These two sporty piggies find all ways to work around their gear to get access to each other’s manly parts, sucking cock and plowing ass.

Click here for Aitor Crash and Damian Rios

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Jesse Santana

Jesse Santana returns for some more extreme sounding action in this video. Check out the sheer skill as this kinky stud stretches his piss hole wide for the camera with a hard ramrod.

Click here for Jesse Santana

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