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Eric Michaels, Lance Gear, Peter Raeg & Will Clark

Filmed in an orgy room at a private sex party, this gangbang is undertaken in a fetish-filled S&M climate. Don’t miss these hot fuckers undertake one of the most extreme group encounters you’ve ever seen. Strap in.

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Daman Rios, Manuel Deboxer & Damien Crosse

Damian Rios and Manuel are joined by Damien Crosse for a round of piss play and fucking. As Damien Crosse pisses, Manuel goes in for a drink; swallowing the golden liquid and spitting it back out before kissing Damian Rios. The piss action is mixed in with some hardcore cocksucking. Damien Rios goes down and services the other two while Damien Crosse and Manuel suck face. Damian Rios bends over and allows Damien Crosse to fuck him before Manuel, who has built up a lot of piss, soaks both of his friends. Manuel is next to take it up the ass. He bends over and Damian Rios takes the opportunity to piss all over his used hole. Damien Crosse shoves his dick into Manuel for a nice round of dicking before Damian Rios takes a turn.

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Ty Hudson

Ty Hudson lube up an 18-inch long catheter – a yellow hose that will reach all the way down thru Ty’s cock, past his ass hole, thru his prostate and into his bladder. Guys, this is as deep as sounding can get! Watch as the catheter disappears down Ty’s huge rock hard cock until it is all the way in. This man has no limits.

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Steve Cruz and Cory Koons

Steve Cruz and Cory Koons make for a sexy pairing as two hot as fuck street punk queers messing around in a locker room after the game. Cory has one of the sweetest little asses in the business, and Steve tongues out his fuck hole. This Latin fucker is all machismo when he’s on top, and the locker room is a good place to prove your manhood. As Steve steps it up on Cory’s rosebud, the action intensifies. Steve’s hot hairy ass bounces as he wails on poor Cory. This guy fucks hard and mean. He pumps Cory into a frenzy, pulls out his pecker, and scores!

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Danny, Erik, Ken & Nick

This collection of studs get together for a grand little clusterfuck; licking dicks, pits and holes, and puffing cigars like queer teamsters under the docks. You can almost smell the sweat, rubber, smoke and leather. showcasing a special talent or skill.

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