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Chris Yosef and Kyle Wood

Chris Yosef and Kyle Wood leave the office, strip down and go fist-first into a fist-full of business. Dungeon bound and proud, Chris and Kyle don’t waste any time pigging out on each other. Quick to his knees we’re instantly met with Kyle on the ground. Like a true cum slut Kyle eagerly aims to please, drooling and engulfing every last inch of Chris’ cock while he sits back in his barber chair. Cock and ball punishment, ass play galore and flip-flop fisting fantasies that won’t leave you empty handed.

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Pissin’ in the Pony

Preston Steel shows his kinky side in this watersports filled solo. Sitting below a projection screen, Steel is inspired by a watersports video to play with his own golden liquid. Pissing himself in the middle of the bar and then wringing the golden shower from his tank-top into his own mouth bones up this tool. He works his beautiful, hard cock the throbbing delight before busting a creamy nut which he licks off his fingers.

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