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Kurt Andrews and Element Eclipse

Element looms in front of Kurt’s bound body and begins a game of playful suffering with his ultra violet wand, taunting the poor boy as he wallows in exquisite pain. After sucking on each other’s throbbing tools, Element bends Andrews’ over and introduces him to his electrical stick. The charged wand reels, overpowers and eventually burrows into Kurt’s ass, taint and threshold. At the height of Kurt’s rush of pain, Element switches from the jolts of the want to his energized, massive cock and he proceeds to pound Kurt violently in an effort to get a hot load out of Kurt, which he shoots onto his chest with Element’s following shortly after.

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Pony Up for a Punish Fuck

Fresh faced Kurt Andrews wants to be part of the crew but realizes he might not like the initiation as he’s tied over a bar stool by Tony Buff and each member of the crew take a turn on Andrews’ ass.

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