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Pissin’ in the Pony

Preston Steel shows his kinky side in this watersports filled solo. Sitting below a projection screen, Steel is inspired by a watersports video to play with his own golden liquid. Pissing himself in the middle of the bar and then wringing the golden shower from his tank-top into his own mouth bones up this tool. He works his beautiful, hard cock the throbbing delight before busting a creamy nut which he licks off his fingers.

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Clown Face

Preston pushes his hard cock through a glory hole and into the eager mouth of Rogue Status. Soon Preston drenches Rogue with piss and Rogue finishes the job with his own. After reciprocating the glory hole blowjob, Preston grabs Rogue and leads him to the bar where he bends him over a table and begins eating Rogue’s ass. Then with Rogue on top of the table, and in full view of bar patrons, Preston pounds not one, but two, loads out of the little skater-punk before busting his own nut.

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Keg Delivery

When succulent Draven Torres shows up for his weekly beer delivery, FetishForce favorite Doc Benway is behind the bar and accepting deliveries. Once Draven pisses in Doc’s mouth and Doc pisses all over himself, Draven decides it’s time to work over Doc’s ass. Draven opens up Doc’s sacred heart with a long session of deep rimming then fucks him over the keg he just delivered. Then the tables turn and it’s Draven who’s cravin’ a delivery. Doc gives Draven a good, rough fuck right on the floor of the bar until both bust their loads and continue with their days.

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Dominic Sol and Jake Deckard

Dominic Sol finds Captain Deckard laid out on the locker room floor in this video. First Deckard fucks his throat good an’ deep. Then he gets the hot little fucker up on all fours on the bench and pile-drives the sweet thing puppy-style. Deckard need more though and flips the winsome man onto his back so he can see his sweet eyes while he tears up his sweet ass.

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Element Eclipse and Sebastian Keys

Element and Sebastian get to the hardcore stuff right away, with Sebastian taking a foot-long sound down his cock hole as Element plays with his balls. Element takes an even longer and thicker rod, and easily plunges it deep into the hole of his huge cock. They start sword fighting with the rods clanking against each other, sending vibrations down their shafts. After thoroughly lubing up his piss canal, Element goes for the grand-daddy of all sounding feats; he shoves a two-foot long catheter deep, past his prostate which conjures a stream of piss to flow out. And just when you thought Element took all the punishment he could take, he has Sebastian lube up a huge black flash light and shove it up his ass with the catheter securely in place.

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Logan McCree, Scott Tanner & Ricky Sinz

Scott Tanner comes over the ridge and is jumped by Logan and Rick. Logan holds Tanner tight as Rick tears off his clothes and fucks him first as Rick holds him down. When Rick wants his turn he grabs Tanner and turns him over, putting his ass in line with Rick’s dick. Logan holds Tanner down as Rick pilages Tanner’s hole. As the onslaught ends all three men cum and the screaming begins to subside.

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Eric Michaels, Lance Gear, Peter Raeg & Will Clark

Filmed in an orgy room at a private sex party, this gangbang is undertaken in a fetish-filled S&M climate. Don’t miss these hot fuckers undertake one of the most extreme group encounters you’ve ever seen. Strap in.

Click here for Eric Michaels, Lance Gear, Peter Raeg & Will Clark

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Daman Rios, Manuel Deboxer & Damien Crosse

Damian Rios and Manuel are joined by Damien Crosse for a round of piss play and fucking. As Damien Crosse pisses, Manuel goes in for a drink; swallowing the golden liquid and spitting it back out before kissing Damian Rios. The piss action is mixed in with some hardcore cocksucking. Damien Rios goes down and services the other two while Damien Crosse and Manuel suck face. Damian Rios bends over and allows Damien Crosse to fuck him before Manuel, who has built up a lot of piss, soaks both of his friends. Manuel is next to take it up the ass. He bends over and Damian Rios takes the opportunity to piss all over his used hole. Damien Crosse shoves his dick into Manuel for a nice round of dicking before Damian Rios takes a turn.

Click here for Daman Rios, Manuel Deboxer & Damien Crosse

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Danny, Erik, Ken & Nick

This collection of studs get together for a grand little clusterfuck; licking dicks, pits and holes, and puffing cigars like queer teamsters under the docks. You can almost smell the sweat, rubber, smoke and leather. showcasing a special talent or skill.

Click here for Danny, Erik, Ken & Nick

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Jesse Santana and Tony Buff

Are you ready for the most full-on fetish collaboration of the year? Don’t miss Jesse Santana and Tony Buff in this extreme sounding one-on-one. Not only is there traditional sounding – if you could call the practice at all traditional – but you’ll also see a sound slide through a cock and out a piercing. It’s infinitely wicked.

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