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Francois Sagat (Solo)

From his muscular body to his tattooed forehead, Francois has a look that inspires both interest and hard-ons. In this video, he pisses all over himself on a roof. He undresses first, revealing the expanse of his bulging biceps and the ripple of his abs. When the piss begins, it spurts out in long streams reaching all the way to Francois’ anxious open mouth. He drinks it, spits it and lets it run down his body. Francois goes for a few rounds, lying on his back so the piss forms puddles in the crevices of his chest. When he’s covered in piss and all worked up he releases a jet of cum that covers his abs and drips down toward his asshole.

Click here for Francois Sagat (Solo)

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Aitor Crash and Damian Rios

Aitor Crash and Damian Rios are in a dugout waiting for their next play. But the sport turns out to be with each other. Aitor finds convenient access to Damian’s ass through a zipper in the back of his pants. Aitor chows down, eating his ass real good before beating on it with a baseball bat. These two sporty piggies find all ways to work around their gear to get access to each other’s manly parts, sucking cock and plowing ass.

Click here for Aitor Crash and Damian Rios

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Jesse Santana

Jesse Santana returns for some more extreme sounding action in this video. Check out the sheer skill as this kinky stud stretches his piss hole wide for the camera with a hard ramrod.

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Lessons Were Learned Part 1

Piss, jock straps, piercings, flogging and fucking – expect nothing but the best from this incredible encounter between Leo and Jesse. These two are the kings of kink, and they won’t be satisfied until their muscle bods have been put through the ringer in this video.

Click here for Lessons Were Learned Part 1

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Drew Cutler & Chris Porter

Sargeant Drew is breaking in another soldier in training. He pushes Chris Porter right down to let him know who’s in charge. A good subordinate he’s goes right to work on Drew’s throbbing meat. He pulls the boy off him to ask, “You ready for my piss boy?” as if it’s a question! And he drenches the boy where he kneels. Chris is eager to please. It’s great sex play lots of verbal coaxing and spit play. Drew again gives his trainee a golden shower all over his tight white ass before he gets down into it face first. It’s incredible how he can jet streams of piss with precision like spirts of jizz, some reaching across the room at Chris’ head.

Click here for Drew Cutler & Chris Porter

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Nick Piston and Ty Hudson

Silvery steel sounds slide effortlessly into Nick and Ty’s dripping cock holes in this video. The two ride their steel cock poles and even take both sides of the same lengthy sound! Later, Nick’s spit soaks down Ty’s cock hole, enabling Ty to slide down more sounds and eventually load up his own cock with a catheter, which he wears while feeding fat butt toys up Nick’s hungry hole. Ty then turns around and offers up his own hole to Nick’s primed, pumped meat.

Click here for Nick Piston and Ty Hudson

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Billy Berlin & Lance Navaro

Billy Berlin works over Lance’s cock from top to bottom and from inside and out. This is some impressive sound play, with huge toys that fill a cockhole that gapes like a hose pipe. What is also really nice about Lance’s cock is its size – this is a huge piece of man meat, long, thick and veiny. Trust me men, this is a good as it gets!

Click here for Billy Berlin & Lance Navaro

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Tober Brandt and Aitor Crash

Aitor is a skilled cocksucker and he pins down fellow jock Tober for a good round of deep-throatin’. Tober flips Aitor over in the course of a good asshole chow down and does his best to climb into Aitor’s chute headfirst. Aitor returns the favor like a good dog and licks Tober’s cornhole spotless. Slimed up and ready Tober jumps Aitor, holds him down, and nails his ass. This is one hell of a fuckfest, and these big shitheads are playing for keeps.

Click here for Tober Brandt and Aitor Crash

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Damien Cross & Steve Cruz

Steve Cruz and Damien Cross’ tongues play games as their dicks get rock hard and ready for action. Steve pisses first and Damien is quick to get on his knees and take the golden liquid in his mouth and down his throat. Steve showers him, piss dripping down his beard and onto the Damien’s hairy chest. Once Steve has finished it’s his turn to be on the receiving end.

Click here for Damien Cross & Steve Cruz

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Coop’s First Fist on Screen Part 2

Don’t miss seeing Race Cooper get fisted for the first time on film. Felix Barca has Cooper bent over a barrel in a back alley. Barca starts massaging Cooper’s prostate and working his fingers in one by one, each time pulling out to show us his gaping hole. Barca works Cooper’s ass with some hot – finger banging until Cooper’s moaning. Barca gloves and lubes up preparing Cooper for his fisting session. Barca pulls out a giant dildo and works Cooper’s ass with it then succeeds in getting his fist in all the way.

Click here for Coop’s First Fist on Screen Part 2

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